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May 2017 - Extras: Duke City Comic Con

After two successful conventions, Jim Burleson, creator of Albuquerque and Santa Fe Comic Con, has taken a bold step in producing Duke City Comic Con. The decision, he says, was an easy one. “Fans started off the resurgence of comic cons with both a winter and a summer show,” says Burleson. “When the summer event folded, we found countless attempts to run a summer show fail and disappoint the fans, so the reason for Duke City [Comic Con] is two-fold. We know there is at least a vocal demand for a summer event that isn’t being met by a promoter. Wizard canceled 3 times now. I want to fill that need for our community.”

Duke City is being held at the Embassy Suites, making this event exclusive and limited. “We expect this year to be a capacity show at the hotel. We are restricted on attendance-based on the floor plan, so we hope fans will jump on tickets right away or risk being turned away, as they were in 2014 when we hit capacity at the Hotel Albuquerque.”

Burleson has been a supporter of the police, military, and firefighters, allowing them free entry to enjoy the event. He wants to continue that generosity to autistic children. “Autistic folks are typically the smartest among us, and, as such, are drawn to this culture,” shared Burleson. “So many of our fans are autistic, and they struggle through our shows, but they always tell us there are a dozen friends of theirs who can’t deal with the crowds and loud noise of the events. I wanted to bridge that gap. Do a little more to help.” On opening day, from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, there will be a “sensitivity opening,” allowing autistic children entry for free on an honor system. The Friday opening is lower in crowds, allowing children and their families to have a welcoming experience.

As always, these events will provide opportunities to meet some amazing comic book artists and celebrities, including Nicholas Brendon of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Criminal Minds, WWE’s Diamond Dallas Page, and veteran actor Angus MacInnes. For more information, visit

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