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April 2017 - Make 'Em Laugh: Royal A. Woods III

Royal A. Woods III - Photo by M. West Photography

Photo by M. West Photography

What the world needs now is more comedy, and nobody knows that better than Royal A. Woods III. Woods took a moment to sit down with New Mexico Entertainment and share where his love of comedy came from and what upcoming projects are coming his way.

Where did your love of comedy come from?

My love of comedy came from my father. We would watch old Jamie Foxx and Sinbad sets and just crack up. Also, the SNL run with Will Ferrell and Tina Fey were my favorite shows to watch.

Do you remember your first gig? What was it like?

My first gig was actually my first time behind a microphone as a comedian. My set wasn't really polished well, but I felt confident on stage, which is what mattered at that point.

What do you feel is missing when it comes to the comedy scene in Albuquerque?

That's hard to say, due to the fact that everyone is working hard for the scene. We have our open mics and our showcases, but a lot of it is DIY. Nothing is really missing, we are just working harder to make the scene better by putting on more quality acts.

What is your inspiration when it comes to planning your sets?

It's mainly knowing what show I am on. I have jokes from almost every bit of the spectrum, but it's knowing who I am telling these jokes to is what matters. I could have all my winning material in a set, but not knowing the show itself could make or break the set.

What gigs do you have coming down the pipeline?

I'm performing for Holly Byrd's birthday party on the 14th at The Press Club. Also, I will be participating in the Make Me Laugh Albuquerque Comedy Contest the 15th through the 18th

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