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April 2017 - Between The Pages: Sonja Dewing's Toy of the Gods

Sonja Dewing
Cover for Toy of the Gods

Toy of the Gods follows the story of Leslie Kicklighter as she and a group of tourists are stranded in the Amazon by a recently awakened Incan god. They’ll have to make it back to civilization on foot past bandits, angry villagers, and drunken monkeys.

And what does a writer from New Mexico know about the Amazon? A few years ago, I sold most of my belongings, moved out of my apartment, and, with my best friend, headed to Costa Rica, Panama, and Peru for seven weeks. I had seven days in the Amazon basin in Peru, and it was amazing!

When we got off the boat in the Amazon, a long grey snake slithered across the muddy path. Just the kind of atmosphere I needed for an adventure novel. While there, we visited local doctors growing herbs and practicing traditional methods, fished for piranha in an oxbow lake, and learned as much about the rainforest as we could.

After years of editing, it’s ready, and now I have a unique opportunity. I was contacted by Publishizer, a company out of California that wants to disrupt the publishing business by helping crowdfund authors, as well as get them direct to publishers. The more books I sell, the more publishers I get connected to, which I think is a brilliant idea. Don’t get me wrong, I know agents take on an important role in the publishing industry, but it’s been difficult finding an agent that likes a strong female role in an adventure with a little supernatural thrown in.

If you love adventure novels in the vein of Indiana Jones, then you’ll want to check out the first two chapters of Toy of the Gods (, or you can buy your copy now at

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