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January 2017 - The Cut: Pete's Frites

As Nob Hill continues to accumulate new brewhouses and bars in the area, I watch to see what new restaurants will take over the vacant buildings down Route 66. When I learned that a burger joint by the name of Pete’s Frites would be taking over the old Shade Tree Customs & Cafe next door to The Guild Cinema, I’ll be honest, I had no idea what a frite was, but I love burgers and was willing to try the latest spot, which, it turns out, was ready to give me crispy fries (frites!) and juicy burgers.

Entering the restaurant, I was overcome with the scent of salty goodness, making my mouth water and wondering if I would have enough self-control not to order one of everything, but Pete’s Frites created a menu that is clear and simple—burgers and fries are the stars, with a guest appearance of grilled cheese sandwiches. I started with their Diner Combo with a single patty. The turnaround time took a bit—around 20 minutes—but being that this was a made to order restaurant and not a fast food chain, it was understandable and well worth it. The first bite into that burger lived up to its promise—juicy and delicious. But it was the frites, oh, the frites, that tied the dish together. These hand-cut, triple cooked beauties were the perfect combination of crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and Pete’s Frites’ choices of made-from-scratch fry sauces, from spicy habañero to creamy mayo and lemon, just added to the experience.

I’ve been back three times after my first experience. Take an opportunity to try this tasty and friendly business making a name for itself in Nob Hill.

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