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January 2017 - The 5: Marilyn Ghigliotti

You are part of a cult classic. What has being in Clerks and returning for Clerks III meant to you?

Being in Clerks and working with a friend and making new friends was a wonderful learning experience with people that were basically in the same boat, and returning to the world [in Clerks III] that has great memories for me in a character I loved portraying is one I highly look forward to. I am a fan of the franchise, as well, and look forward as a fan and the actress to see what has transpired for Veronica and the rest of the characters.

You have been in every genre of film. What would you say is your favorite?

Thanks for noticing that I have tried to show my versatility as an actress, because the one thing I was noticing early on is the pigeonholing that happens to people in the entertainment business. If I had to choose a genre, though, I think it would have to be science fiction. The adventure, creativeness, and fantasy of it appeals to me.

Where did your love of the arts come from?

Not sure I can really say where my love of arts came from. But it’s something I feel was always a part of me. I was drawn to TV and what everyone did. I was drawn to drawing as a child. I was drawn to dance and creating. It just wasn't encouraged, and so I became a late bloomer in finally entering the world I love.

You are also an established makeup artist. How did that come about?

I think becoming a makeup [artist] and hair stylist was me seeing another opportunity to show my creative side and make a living with it. Because even though...people I saw [were] doing things as a business creatively, I don't think I had the awareness that they were. I grew up [being] told and thinking I had to be a secretary to have a stable job and become independent. And once having that job, getting married, having a child, and just not wanting to re-enter the office world, I went to cosmetology school instead and excelled academically for the first time.

What projects do you have coming down the pipeline?

Currently, I am at a convention in Dallas, Marvelous Nerd Year's Eve, with the cast mates I love. I can think of no better way to spend New Year’s and looking forward to attending Albuquerque Comic Con in a couple if weeks. I was in Albuquerque a couple of years ago and have been wanting to visit the beautiful city again. Then in the spring, I will be shooting a film in Rome, NY, along with Tom Proctor and Basil Hoffman. We had already shot a trailer for the film, which was able to garner the funds for making the film. And, hopefully, this coming year Clerks[III] will actually get made. There are some Upper Deck memorabilia cards that the cast has signed and also, hopefully, [will come] out soon.

Join Marilyn Ghigliotti at this year's Albuquerque Comic Con at The Albuquerque Convention Center on January 13th-15th. Purchase your tickets here.

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