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The Aftermath of Batman Day in Albuquerque: Appreciating The Dark Knight’s Venture into Other Popula

Recently, Albuquerque hosted its Third Annual Batman Day. The September 17 affair sponsored by Barnes & Noble celebrated The Dark Knight’s endearing legacy, complete with trivia games, coloring activities, and cosplay events. We all have a geeky side; some greater than others, yet at the end of the day, we can’t help but recognize the value of fictional characters like Batman – whether we’re huge fans or otherwise. Our fascination for The Dark Knight and one of its recent film franchises can be attributed to Batman’s mysterious persona reports NRP, and, more importantly, its director’s natural ingenuity. Bruce Wayne, as we all – including Joker – know, is the man behind the famous caped crusader of Gotham. At the other end of the spectrum, Christopher Nolan is the brain behind a commercially and critically successful movie series. In a nutshell, this fitting partnership spawned a great product that highlighted the comic book character’s evolution and connected all sorts of people. Batman’s versatility and resourcefulness in comics mirrors a number of factors in our lives. Thanks to DC Comics, we have a relatable character with significant flaws and see how he develops from one story to the next. It’s also impressive how The Dark Knight and other TV cartoons progress on other popular media outlets. For one, he came from an unassuming 1960s television show into an intriguing, crime-busting vigilante on the silver screen. Same with The Simpsons, and how they made a successful albeit short transition with a 2007 David Silverman-directed animated film. We even see this happening in video games, like Batman and Family Guy’s venture to PlayStation consoles with licensed titles such as the Arkham series and the Back to the Multiverse spin-off by Activision, respectively. Aside from this, these two iconic characters’ likeness is also used on online gaming websites. Recently there was the exclusive Family Guy-themed slot machine released to the masses, as well as The Dark Knight Rises’ title. Furthermore, Macau took it to the extreme by breaking ground for a Gotham City-inspired land-based casino. All in all, Batman’s – like every other popular fictional character’s – legacy lives on in local events, outstanding narratives, and entertaining video game console titles. There’s no doubt he’s one of the most revered comic book protagonists of all time, but what separates The Dark Knight from the rest are his successful attempts across the board. From Albuquerque’s celebration to Christopher Nolan’s works of art to even other films that are currently in the works, Batman will always be an icon wherever he goes.

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