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October 2016 - The Cut: The History of Beer

In a quiet, sunlit room with the soft sound of traffic rushing by, a group of students sip on samples of beer while hearing from instructor Brandon Morgan about the history behind what’s currently tickling their palate. Not your normal history class, right?

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) has branched out, not only with their Brewing and Beverage Management Program, but also with classes, like The History of Beer, for brewing enthusiasts through their Ingenuity Brew School.

Jay Walker, student, says that he really wanted to know more about beer’s history, especially with all of the breweries popping up in and around Albuquerque. Walker notes, “It’s also interesting to see how types of beers are making a comeback.”

Along with the beer samples, class assistant Steve Fye laid out crusty bread and herb infused olive oil on the tables for students. Fye says that they didn’t have to supply snacks, but with seven samples of beer over three hours, they felt it was a good idea to offer something to help break up the tastes of the different beers.

Interested in testing your taste for and knowledge of beverages? CNM’s next offerings are Lager Styles on Oct 15 from 1-4, Wine 101 on Nov 5 from 1-4, and Ale Beer Styles on Dec 3 from 1-4. If you want to sign up, go to For more information, click on the registration links. And of course, you have to be 21 or older.

Happy sipping!

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