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October 2016 - Now Showing: Priceless

With a slew of simply entertaining films coming out this fall, at least one new release offers a profound message. Filmed here in New Mexico, Priceless is based on a true story about human trafficking and pivots around a lost man who is found through the power of love and spirituality. Joel Smallbone plays the character of James; a man who has lost his family - looking for something in this world to give him hope. Through a series of events, James finds himself making up for mistakes and finding redemption in decisions that will change his life for the better.

The cast is talented, working off each other’s strengths and creating a balanced and beautiful storyline. The direction of Ben Smallbone makes this film, along with the gorgeous cinematography that captures the outstanding beauty of New Mexico. Some of the standouts of the film are Bianca A. Santos, who plays Antonia, a woman who brings a change to James’s life. Her performance is pure, and she skillfully pulls the viewer into her storyline. Jim Parrack’s portrayal of Garo, the ultimate bad guy in the film, just oozes immorality. No trace of Hoyt (True Blood) or Herbert (The Sound and the Fury), linger in Garo’s character, who takes disturbing and abrasive to a whole new level. David Koechner (Anchorman) as Dale is an endearing performance; playing a father who has suffered a terrible loss, Koechner, from the depths of that pain, rises to be one of the most grounded characters of the film, helping James fulfill his destiny while finding solace for his daughter and the situation that took her away.

Overall, Priceless sheds light on a problem that is becoming an epidemic in this country through a wonderfully conceived movie. Let’s see if America allows this important voice to be heard.

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