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July 2016 - Behind the Scenes: Blue Sky Producers Lab

Locations all across New Mexico have seen their fair share of movie and TV filming. Most of these projects are thanks to state tax incentives and the availability of experienced film crews.What we don’t see a lot of in New Mexico are the earlier stages or resources used such as writers, actors, and producers. Blue Sky Producers Lab has a vision and a plan to change that. “We basically want to build New Mexico up for the future and package projects (TV, movies, online series, etc.) from the start,” says Sean Cardinalli, one of the team who’s come up with the Lab.

In order to do that, Blue Sky Producers Lab is taking on the business of accelerating good projects. They’ll review submitted ideas and start with the top five projects they feel are worthy. From those top five, they’ll help the aspiring filmmakers make connections, find investors, and get them from point A (where you have an idea) to point B (where you have a finished product).

But it won’t be easy. As their website quotes “To make a real independent film…one must sacrifice personal, financial, and physical well-being.” The business of filmmaking takes serious commitment. For those willing to make this commitment, they will have to deal with a lot of changes and input, hard work and collaboration, and above all have to be coachable and learn from those with experience.

The men behind the lab; Sean Cardenalli, Anthony DellaFlora , Kenneth Segura Knoll, and Daniel Landes; have years of experience in the industry. “I think that all four of us have a strong desire to build this foundation in New Mexico where we are less beholden to Hollywood proper, or New York, or wherever.”Will they change the landscape of New Mexico entertainment? They certainly plan to, five films at a time.

If you have an idea, script, treatment, or something in line with creating a movie, TV, or online show, that can be produced in New Mexico, and the cap is no more than 5 million dollars, you might be their next big project. You don’t have to be from New Mexico, but it helps! You can find more information at their

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