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June 2016 - Follow-Up: Prince Tribute Concert

Photo by Boulder Rouge Digital

New Mexico Entertainment had a terrific turnout for our tribute concert honoring the one and only Prince. Musicians, poets, and dancers came out to give their respect to a man who made a tremendous impact on the music scene and in the lives of his large and dedicated fan base. The line-up included local musicians Quietly Kept, Kyle Martin, Julie Custer; poets Hakim Bellamy, Eboni Booth, Jules Nyquist, and Gigi Bella G; and dancers Maria Chavez and Aaron Hicks.

The tribute brought together Prince fans and gave them a moment to remember why he’ll be missed. Aaron Hicks gave an amazing dance tribute to Prince’s hit, “I Will Die 4 U.” One attendee, Penny Benavidez, thoroughly enjoyed her time at the event: “Kyle Martin rocked our world tonight while playing tribute to Prince. The poets were amazing and made me cry, such a great show.”

Performer Maria Chavez received a heartfelt compliment for her performance. “I got a teary-eyed, smiling compliment from a very nice lady tonight at the Prince Tribute show. I answered her compliment with a thank you and a huge hug. It is a wonderful feeling to touch your audience emotionally through your performance. Prince did that to me through his music and dancing. He was such an influence on me growing up. I will miss his music and his presence for the rest of my days. I think the lady I met tonight will miss him too. I am glad I got to connect with another human being who can feel that emotion. Pour love into what you do, and people will feel it. I am humbled and so blessed. This is why I still dance and perform. Connection through the arts and music is an amazing thing.”

The show ended with a tearful rendition of Prince’s, “Purple Rain,” leaving people waving arms and lighters. All and all, the event was a powerful evocation of Prince’s legacy, and an evening to remember.

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