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NME After Print - 3rd Annual George R. R. Martin Screenwriting Grant Announced

$5000 will go to aspiring New Mexico screenwriter

Dirk Norris, Executive Director of the New Mexico Film Foundation announced the availability of the 3rd annual George RR Martin Screenwriting Grant. This $5000 grant is made possible by a generous donation to the New Mexico Film Foundation by renowned author George R. R. Martin, known for the HBO Series “Game of Thrones” and owner of the Jean Cocteau Theater in Santa Fe. The submission process will open on June 15th and run until September 16th. To enter, you must be a New Mexico resident, 18 years old and NOT a member of the Writer’s Guild of America. “The New Mexico Film Foundation is excited and honored to be working with George in this way,” said Norris, “and we appreciate his generosity and support of the independent film community in New Mexico.” Scripts must be for a feature length film or original Television Pilot, in the Science Fiction or Fantasy genres. The application process will include a 5 page treatment and a 5 page sample script. Information for submissions is available on the New Mexico Film Foundation website at The submission process will continue until September 16th, and the award will be announce in November. The mission of the New Mexico Film Foundation is to help grow the independent film industry in New Mexico while offering financial support and educational opportunities to New Mexico Independent filmmakers. The George R.R. Martin grant is one of several grants the New Mexico Film Foundation offers.

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