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May 2016 - Now Showing - The Caveman of Atomic City

Ever glance at someone on the street and have him or her turn to catch you staring? Or feel like you know somebody from the minute your eyes meet?

micromike” has the answers you’re looking for. The Caveman of Atomic City is a peek into a world most of could never imagine, let alone live in. Giving up his worldly possession for a life of philosophy in a cave outside Los Alamos, “micromike” has spent years contemplating these and many other questions. Part scientist part, philosopher “micromike” developed the theory of Gravionics. E=mc2 is old news. Yes, Einstein was brilliant, but was wrong with his theory of relativity.

micromike”, a name he took to remind himself how small he is in the universe, has spent years trying to get the scientific world to take him seriously. After watching this documentary, you will be able to decide for yourself if Gravionics is worth exploring further. The one thing you will take away from this movie is an expanded idea of how one person can find his place between nature and civilization

micromike” will make you think more deeply than you realized was possible. Cheering him on to be right and make that breakthrough the world needs. But, in his own way, he shares his energy and desires as you tag-along on his path to the truth. It is out there and “micromike” just might the person to show it to us. Check out for more about the movie and showings around New Mexico. Also view the trailer at The next screening is on June 2nd at 7pm at the Reel Deal Theater in Los Alamos (2551 Central Ave, Los Alamos, NM 87544).

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