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May 2016 - Turn it Up: Shoulder Voices

Shoulder Voices is the most elegantly beautiful, odd band in the 505. Bobby Tucker, masterfully painted, takes the stage with a paradoxical comfortable intensity that leads the listener on a strange and glamorous journey into his psyche. Amanda Tucker, with movie star looks and a quiet grace accentuates the larger than life personality with true natural born talent. Ryan Sciarrotta, the beat master, the thundering colossal drummer extraordinaire, with his quiet demeanor is a beast on the drum kit. Mary Stockton flexesher pipes, adorned in another decade, and one is captivated by her fabulousness. Joe Buffaloe is a groove beast bassist, with charisma to spare. Kevin Elder completes the circle of transcendental peculiarity and mind bending fun, carrying the listener with his gorgeous sounds. I’m a fan. Every show is so much more than just a show, it is an experience.

The band recently launched their Kickstarter Campaign, to raise the $5,000 necessary to put out their new album. You can learn more about it at in-the- stuffed-animal-band

“After 14 years as a band, our new album The Life and Death Tragic Comedy of the Stuffed Animal is a dark and sometimes hilarious, love letter from us to all of YOU. An experience, beginning to end, this album recreates the stuffed-animal-filled frenzy of a live show, with the production of a high quality studio. And it is about... being in a band, for better or worse.” Says Frontman, Bobby Tucker.

What’s really cool, is that if you are a generous donor, you will be listed as a producer on the album!

Don’t take my word for it, in fact, you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you missed out on the gregarious, gorgeous, glam of Shoulder Voices. NME - Amanda Flory / Albuquerque Underground Zine

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