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March 2016 - Turn it Up: RAWRR!

RAWRR! is a unique band that has been a staple of the Albuquerque music scene for several years. The band members push the boundaries of traditional songwriting with odd time signatures, and their ever-evolving sound, inimitable style, and melodic creations are a breath of fresh air. RAWRR! carries the listener on a progressive, transcendental journey of witty lyricism and skilled musicianship. With a blazing panache, RAWWR!’s stage presence is both captivating and inspiring. The band members are as follows: Jacob Shutt on vocals, JD Harding on Guitar and Vocals, Mikey Hale on Keyboard, Alex Cory on Drums and Peter Meilleur on Bass

On February 19th, RAWRR! will release its long-awaited album, Living on a Dying Star. Five years in the making, this album showcases the evolution and maturity of the band. The release will take place at the Sister Bar, 407 Central Ave. NW. Doors open at 8pm, starting with special guests Beard, Chicharra, and So Say We All.

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