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March 2016 - The 5: Gary Mullen & The Works

He is Freddie Mercury reincarnate, and Albuquerque will have the opportunity to witness Gary Mullen & The Works on stage at Popejoy Hall on March 17th. Mullen took a moment to sit down and talk about the icon he portrays and what his stage show offers fans of Queen.

Did you find it difficult to be Freddie Mercury and how did you prepare?

I didn’t find it difficult, as I’ve been a fan since I was a small kid and would pretend to be him. When I started professionally, I went back and watched concert footage and videos to study his movements and mannerisms.

What is it about Queen that make you a fan?

I love everything about them. Their fusion of so many musical styles, musicianship, songwriting, and their exciting live performances.

What can audiences expect and appreciate with your stage show?

We are trying to recreate a moment in time that you will never see again, Queen with Freddie. We try to make the show as exciting as we can every night and involve the audience as much as we can to make them really feel part of the whole concert experience.

What was it like to meet Brian May?

Meeting Brian was amazing. It felt like a real “Wayne’s World” moment, but he was such a nice guy, and it was a fantastic experience.

What is your goal with every show?

Our goal is to give the audience 120%, every single night. As Freddie would say ‘Leave them deaf, blind, and wanting more.”

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