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March 2016 - Make 'Em Laugh: Brian Vanderhoof

Healthcare professional turned funny man, Brian Vanderhoof splits his time between making people laugh and cry. Between shooting Indie films and MRIs, Brian finds time to visit open mics and perform in shows around Albuquerque. Raised by a father with a twisted sense of humor, a young Brian grew up on Monty Python, SNL, and the like, but waited until nearly two years ago to hit his first open mic.

Nerves killed his first attempt to take to the stage but with a little liquid courage he made it. “After bombing on stage in front of so many people so many times you get over it. Nothing really phases you after that,” Vanderhoof says. After those first, uncomfortable forays into live comedy, it didn’t take long before his writing ritual took over, and he began regularly attending open mics and including comedians in his film projects. Vanderhhoof says, “One fuels the other, I love both film and comedy. Comedy has helped me refine and shape my voice, which helps my film tremendously. Luckily comedy has introduced me to talented people who I enjoy working with.” His latest project began its life as a 48-hour movie project in June 2015. It has since expanded into a short that he will be entering into film festivals. Checkout The Importance of Being on Facebook to see what festivals it goes to.

Film aside, Vanderhoof would like his comedy to make him a more self-realized person. He says, “Comedy can bring me closer to being my truest self. A Comedy Central special would be great in the process, but being a better me is the first step. Honest self reflection will help me in my film career too.” Looking at peoples’ insides, shooting movies, or making jokes, Vanderhoof is a multi-talented up-and-comer who keeps his friends close and puts them to work. Look for his new sketch comedy shorts online or check him out at comedy shows around town.

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