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March 2016 - Extras - Tim Herlihy

Albuquerque experienced a luck of the Irish on February 20th when Tullamore D.E.W. Brand Ambassador and Irish pub historian, Tim Herlihy, visited Two Fools Tavern to have a little whiskey and share some knowledge on the popular drink. As far as whiskey experts go, they don’t come more Irish True than Herlihy. A former egg farmer, Herlihy began his whiskey career with the Cooley Distillery. He has since traveled across the country educating others*. Herlihy shared where is passion for the popular drink came from. “I’ve always been a whiskey fan, and it took a long time to realize not only can you be a whiskey drinker but that you could also work in the Whiskey business too. When I began a role with the Irish Food Board (Bord Bia), I started working with the Cooley Distillery and that opened my mind to the World of Whiskey as a career as well as learning about the craft of Whiskey distillation and maturation”

As Tullamore D.E.W. Ambassador, Tim has presented on Irish whiskey history, cocktails, and one of his favorite topics, the Irish pub. When asked what his favorite drink was, he was quick to answer. “Tullamore DEW neat or on the rocks, and I’m also partial to a good Whiskey Sour, before whiskey, I worked with my Dad at our family egg farm where we have 80,000 hens. For me an egg white whiskey sour combines my love of Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey and also our family egg farm, plus it’s an excellent cocktail”

Tim is a true expert in the history of Irish whiskey. Crowned Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky: Best Irish Whiskey Ambassador, he now has the belt to prove it. Educated in the ins and outs of whiskey, Herlihy shared what is the worse affront that could be done to a whiskey drink is: “...Having it alone. Irish Whiskey is meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends, it’s best enjoyed with a toast: Here’s to Cheating, Stealing, Fighting and Drinking. If you cheat, may you cheat death. If you steal, may you steal a heart, If you fight, may you fight for one another. And if you drink, may you drink with me. Cheers!

Herlihy’s favorite is an Irish Pub. He explained why this favorite stop among whiskey fans is taking over the world. “An Irish Pub, like Irish Whiskey and Irish people is simply friendly. There’s no occasion for the Irish Pub, it’s every occasion, it’s a warm and welcoming, place. There’s nothing pretentious about the Irish Pub, it’s a place to see your favorite bartender, have a chat with friends and raise a toast. It’s Irish hospitality at its finest.”

When having your favorite whiskey drink this St. Patrick’s Day, think of Tim and spread some Irish joy.

*Provided by Friedman Marketing and Public Relations, the PR company for Tim Herlihy

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