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March 2016 - Behind the Scenes: Film Foundation 2016 Plans

The New Mexico Film Foundation ( has big plans for 2016 here in New Mexico. With workshops, grants, and special events planned throughout the year, the Foundation hopes to keep growing and giving back to the film community. Raising awareness outside of the film community is also a big goal for 2016. Independent to Union, Actors to PAs, the Film Foundation is striving to offer something for everyone.

Some of the events that are on the calendar so far for this year are:

March 5: Using Emerging Media to Promote Your Film - Carolyn Miller

March 26: New Mexico Actors’ Showcase- Featuring acting talent in New Mexico.

Oct 13-16: For the On the Page Screenwriting Conference, visit The site will be operational soon with a list of workshops and lectures for aspiring screenwriters.

The Foundation is currently looking for donors and funders for the following grants: The George R. R. Martin Science Fiction/Fantasy Screenwriting Grant, the Lockheed Martin Film Grant, and the Beau McNicholas Post-Production Grant.

Growing and helping the film community is the Foundation’s main goal. Please check out the to see how you can help or how they can help you create the movie you’ve been dreaming about.

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