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NME After Print: The Producers at Popejoy Hall (Review)

The national tour of The Producers has landed at Popejoy Hall. Mel Brooks’ hilarious adaption from the big screen to the stage is not for the unadventurous theatergoer. Music, Hitler, and a web of half-truths send Bialystock, an on-the-outs producer, and Bloom, a want-to-be producer, down an ominous path. Bloom and Bailystock’s “secretary-slash-receptionist,” Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yansen Tallen Hallen Svaden Swanson, steals the show whenever she steps on stage. With The Producers' campy score, upbeat choreography, hilarious script, and excellent sets, it’s easy to see why this show won twelve Tony Awards. The misadventures of the trio make rich ground for grandly humorous outcomes - you will find yourself trying to contain your laughter.

The translation of The Producers from the movie to the stage is expertly handled with sets that make you feel like you’re in New York City of yore, and with a storyline that’s both believable and incredible; you hope deep down it is true and happening somewhere in NYC right now. If you watch carefully, you might just catch that all the actors and actress are not always what they seem.

Keep in mind, there are some sexual situations and adult language. This show may not be appropriate for a younger audience, but more worldly teens will enjoy it. It was my thirteen-year-old’s first Broadway experience, and he loved the show. All and all, The Producers was an amazing theatre experience.Tell your friends, take your family, and getdown to Popejoy Hall before it’s too late. You might just laugh yourself into a better state of mind.

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