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January 2016 - Make 'Em Laugh: Nicolina Nicthe

“I like my humor like I like my wine - dark and dry” Nicolina Nicthe.

With her big personality and even bigger stage presence, Nicolina took to the stages of Albuquerque three years ago, bringing her brand of stand-up comedy to New Mexico. Drawing on her experiences of dating in the digital age and surviving life with people, Nicolina is full of quips that will bring you to tears.

“Everything is so impersonal nowadays and I love comedy because it still creates a personal connection.” In the time of sexting and swiping, Nicolina wants to bring personal connections back. Stand-up comedy allows her to do it. Connecting to an audience is no easy task, but when it happens it can be an amazing night. Always struggling with having a filter, Nicolina found in humor the vehicle she was looking for. “The best part about being funny is I can say things in a funny way and still insult people.”

The comedy scene in Albuquerque is always changing and there are a wide variety of comedians out there. “I’ve had a comedian tell me they can’t relate to my comedy…Of course not! He wasn’t a woman, or had kids, or was married and divorced…” But, that is the diversity of the comedy scene here in town. Diverse is a good thing.

Growing up in The Land Of Enchantment has given Nicolina a lot of interesting bits, but she is looking forward to hitting the road some day soon. There is no perfect city out there for her, but she would love to check some out. This funny lady is ready to take her talents to the masses.

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