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February 2016 - Make 'Em Laugh: MIKE LONG

Philosophical comedian Mike Long started on a roundabout journey beginning in Belen and is continuing in the comedy scene in Albuquerque. A young Mike Long moved out of New Mexico and into California to make a life for himself. In 2006, he wrote his first book, and a year later he formed a publishing company. The publishing company didn’t fare well, and Mike moved back to New Mexico, bringing his failing publishing company and 1,000 copies of his partner’s book with him. Somehow, he didn’t manage to bring back any copies of his own book, which you can find posted in the notes on his Facebook page.

Mike moved back to New Mexico hoping to revive his publishing company when it was suggested to him to try out an open mic. He was hooked after the first one. “Rather than waiting for someone to possibly read a thought, now I can share with them and see their instant reaction.” In the last three years, Mike has taken his stand-up from hobby- to professional-level, touring the west coast and the Deep South. “One thing I learned while going out on these tours was the need to download out in nature.”

Back in Albuquerque for now, Mike is working on a new book and using his stand-up audiences to bounce ideas off. After all, thoughts are free, and with the Internet, there are many ways to share with many people.


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