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February 2016 - Follow-up: MEOW WOLF NEW YEAR’S EVE BASH

Artists, Ravers, Punk-Rockers and more turned up in droves for the Meow Wolf New Year’s Eve Bash at the Santa Fe Farmers market. Fake fur and stilettos were all the rage among the attendees. Set up like a Vegas nightclub, there were different areas separated by hanging pieces of designer art. Doors opened at 8:00 pm, and the party kicked off around 10:30 pm.

Techno DJs spun set at one end of the market while people played Ping-Pong near the door. A table was set up for face painting and glittering upon entering. Near the stage, acrobatic girls swung from silken ropes in mid-air yoga poses.

Duel supplied all the drinks for the event including a 2015 Goya, an imperial stout with strong coffee flavor, and 14.9%. Hair of The Wolf, an old-world style ale designed especially for the event with the help of Meow Wolf. A bit sour with a mix of legal psychotropic herbs, it was worth the price. Food and water were readily and inexpensively available.

Warm and inviting on the inside, the garage doors of the market allowed for views of the cold and harsh outdoors and were a great place to cool down after working up a sweat on the dance-floor. Santa Fe may not have been a destination for a New Year’s before, but it will be after this. Hopefully the state will realize that and operate Public transit between Albuquerque and Santa Fe on January 1st.

Overall, the DJs worked the diverse crowd up into a frenzy in time for the midnight hour and kept the market rocking until 2 in the morning. Meow Wolf thought of everything to please young and old, hippie to hardcore.


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