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November 2015 - The Sports Connection - Joe Quesada

We all know Craigslist as a place to shop for used video games and the like, but did you know a few lucky people find their dreams on Craigslist? Joe Quesada did. He answered a simple ad in 2007 looking for pro-wrestlers. Before he knew it, he was learning how to fall and take a hit as safely as possible. In 2008, he framed his first pay day from pro-wrestling, a five-dollar-bill. This is not a hobby you take up for the money. You take it up for the love of wrestling.

Hours, months, years of continual training go into being a pro-wrestler. Accidents and injuries are part of the experience. Joe has a scar in his shoulder from one wrestling event with friend, Donny Amsterdam. In the same event, he broke Donny’s nose. Safety is important to all the wrestlers, but anyone who thinks it’s fake is off-base. “[Wrestling] Wanna see a bunch of grown men touch each other…[Wrestling] Exactly what you think it is, but so much better. “

In the end, it’s the stories that keep the audiences coming back show after show. Good guys, bad guys switching sides - it’s exciting to see how each story plays out. The crowds here in Albuquerque all have their favorite characters to watch. The wrestlers work hard to get the crowds to love them or hate them.

Come out and see a show, choose your side and choose your wrestler. The passion Joe has for wrestling will move you to cheers.

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