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November 2015 - Extras - Nutcracker on the Rocks

The holidays in December are a time to hold up traditions, like going with family members to watch The Nutcracker. But aren’t all traditions, like rules, meant to be broken, or perhaps, at least bent?

Shari Greenburg of Keshet Dance Company bent the rules on a classic when she dreamed up a way to showcase different music and dance styles with her Nutcracker on the Rocks. “My vision was to create a modern classic out of the traditional gem. I chose rock and roll music and incorporated a range of dance styles to infuse the production with a fresh, high-energy feeling that would be engaging for audiences of all ages,” says Greenberg.

Keshet Dance Company, which brings together both professional and community performers, will be holding their 19th Annual Nutcracker on the Rocks featuring 140 dancers for ten shows in December. There will also be two additional showtimes that will be autism-friendly.

This will be the first year the professional repertoire company will hold the Nutcracker on the Rocks at the Keshet Center for the Arts. After purchasing the building on Cutler Avenue in 2013, it’s been through enough renovations to make it worthy of showcasing professional artists. A great thing for the audience is that by having their own location, they can now incorporate new sets, new innovations, and audience interactivity into the performance.

So consider bending those holiday traditions and starting a new one. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at

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