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November 2015 - Between The Pages: Eugene Bullard: World's First Black Fighter Pilot

“Tracer bullets from machine guns in the trenches below streaked around him.”

Eugene Bullard: World’s First Black Fighter Pilot jumps into the amazing life of Eugene Bullard. From the ripe old age of eleven, this boy took off on adventures that would make most people’s stomach churn. A fast-pacing reader’s dream, this book, at a mere 162 pages, is a fast, entertaining read. Perfect for an escape into the past.

Eugene’s tale begins long before the war when the child runs away from his home in search of a better life - where a black man is treated equally to a white man. This endeavor takes him across the ocean from the American South to a land his father told him stories about, France. One adventure after another, Eugene learns that not all white people are cruel and not everyone is a good person. The background story allows you to get to know Eugene and sympathize with the boy’s plight.

The inside look at the war is as disturbing as it is exciting. The determination of this young man to survive and his continue drive to fight for what he believes in will keep your eyes glue to the pages.

A coming of age story wrapped up in war and conflict on the other side of the ocean, this is an enjoyable read that’s hard to put down.

tWitch Cover Story
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