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October 2015 - The Art World - Reclaimed Wood / Todd Contratto

Seeing beauty in what other people consider junk, Todd Contratto is giving new life to old wood. Living just outside of Albuquerque, Contratto found himself engrossed in a life-changing hobby of taking old pallets and doors and turning them into frames for his most precious memories. It wasn’t long before he was making frames for friends and family.

It was a warm day in March a couple years back when Contratto was out at his brother-in-law, Aaron’s, house in Tucumcari. He stumbled on some old pallets of woods and barbed wire hidden in a corner. After a short talk with Aaron, Contratto loaded the wood in his truck and bought it back home. It sat for a short while with Todd thinking what he could do with the wood. His answer came to him quickly and he began spending his unwinding time in the barn with his wood and his stereo creating frames.

Some of his masterpieces are complete. Others have room to add family photos or certificates. Contratto listens to what the reclaimed wood and other re-purposed materials say to him. He does take special orders. He adds personal mementos and wood-burning to personalize the decorations. Beautiful pieces made with a loving touch reusing discarded things makes each piece unique to itself and special.

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