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October 2015 - Make 'Em Laugh - Nicholas Star

Caffeine addicted and stand-up comedian, Nicholas Star, took a blind leap into the comedy scene two years ago. That includes an almost year long hiatus after his first show. Now a member of Player-Two, a comedian run Production Company with Open Mics around town, Star is fully committed to his comedy goals.

After quite a bit of prodding, he took the stage for the first time at the third Thursday comedy contest at Tractor Brewing in Wells Park. Hosted by Rusty Rutherford, this contest is for newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. Star admits he should have started with going to a local Open Mic, but admits he’s a “jump-in” kind of guy. He won the contest, but left the comedy scene soon after for a year. He is now back on the scene with a vengeance. One of the only sober comics you will meet in town, and an extrovert to boot, Star’s charisma wins people over.

“I’ve made most of the original comedy goals I set for myself,” expressed Star. “I’ve played paid shows and traveled. I would love to visit Boston and Chicago to do comedy.” Between his full time job and his love of cooking, Star host shows for Player-Two at Posh Nightclub on Wednesdays and Back Alley on Mondays. The members of Player-Two are what make the group great - Caitlin Minton, Devin Rivera, Kevin Baca, and Royal Woods III. Star always stands out with his full red bread in that group.

“Write jokes until you run out of jokes and then condense them down,” shared Star. “Then condense them down again and turn them into bullet points. Memorize the points and try not to be an asshole.”

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