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September 2015 - The Art World - Stilo Ink

Winter Elise

Art is a subjective term. Debated for years - what is great art? Stilo Ink falls into the category of a tattoo shop with a mini gallery on the walls. Not just sketches and artwork for the body, these pieces are designed to hang on the walls of your home.

Drawing since his youth, Stilo received the nickname ‘Estilo’, Spanish for style, because of his interest in the arts. After years working for the UNM Radiology Department, Stilo decided to make a career out of what he loved, big dreams for a kid from Gallup. Self-taught, Stilo credits Ricardo Chavez for making him the artist he is today.

Stilo prides himself on being able to work in many mediums and surfaces, but the human canvas is by far his favorite. He designs custom pieces or free-handed designs made to fit the curves. All he asks is that the canvas is 100% sure that they want to be a canvas, and they are happy with the design.

On the walls you can see many of Stilo’s oil paintings and prints for sale. All his pieces have deep meaning going back to his roots. Father of two, he looks to his family for inspiration - to see the beauty of the world through his children’s eyes. Being an artist, a father and a small business owner can be a balancing act, but as Stilo states, “The family always comes out on top.” Visit and make an appointment.

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