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September 2015 - Now Showing - Deep in the Darkness

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Deep in The Darkness tells the story of Dr. Michael Cayle, a successful physician and dedicated family man who leaves the chaos of Manhattan to open a private practice in the idyllic town of Ashborough, New Hampshire. Unfortunately for Dr. Cayle and his family, Ashborough is secretly run by a clan of easily enraged, cannibalistic, glowing eyed wildmen called Isolates who live in a series of cavernous tunnels beneath the town and emerge occasionally to wreak havoc.

Dr. Cayle almost immediately runs afoul of The Isolates by refusing to make an animal sacrifice in their honor and the battle is on! Except, there really isn’t much of a battle at all, just a petty campaign of harassment by The Isolates who look very savage and dangerous, but are more of a nagging inconvenience.

The highest praise I can give Deep in The Darkness is that I didn’t hate it and it’s only a little boring at certain moments. I mean, it is a solid effort with a very clear storyline, somewhat decent visuals and slightly above average acting, in fact, I found the whole film to be slightly above average.

I do recommend giving Deep in The Darkness a chance, but don’t plan an evening around it because it is not a date night or monster movie marathon kind of film, however, it’s the kind of movie you might enjoy if you were laid up with a broken leg or a virulent case of tick fever and had literally nothing else to do.

Deep in The Darkness was originally released in 2014, but didn’t get full distribution until this past August. You can find it on VOD, Netflix and BluRay now.

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