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September 2015 - Between the Pages: DAUGHTERS OF THE WEST MESA

Winter Elise

Told through memories, mixed with real-time heartache, a mother who is missing an eldest daughter is at a loss to communicate with the youngest shares her story in Daughters of the West Mesa. Ripped from the headlines, this novel reflects how one of Albuquerque’s darkest hours affects family bonds and a community in shock.

With genuine grit, the novel tears into the heart of a dysfunctional family and the loss felt by a mother with nothing left to do but wait. The eldest daughter, a trying child from the beginning, goes out into the world, exploring her surroundings and musical talent. A loving mother and twice-divorcee moves her family to an up-and-coming neighborhood in Albuquerque. Leaving the downtrodden neighborhood of the South Valley behind her, she wants her daughters to have all the chances she didn’t. The younger sister - lost in the mix, unsure of where she fits in and abandoned by her older sister is unable to let go of her old friends in the old neighborhood.

This novel brings to light the deepest fears of a parent losing control of her children. Not for the light-hearted, this book, with its elegant descriptions and panic-ridden pacing, draws you right into the unfolding drama. Hard, if not impossible, to put down, Daughters of the West Mesa leaves you wanting more.

An unsolved mystery ripped from the headlines begs the question, how could a person get away with murder for so long?

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