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August 2015 - The 5 - Chad Brummett

Teresa Ewers

What was the moment when you realized that being an actor was in your future?

I don’t know that there was a “clear” moment. I started when I was eight in a school production of “Oliver!” It just stuck from there in some form or another since.

What’s it like being a regular face on KASA 2 Style?

It’s a dream job. The work allows me to share the various stories of New Mexico, our culture, history, businesses and future. It’s not just hosting - it’s writing, editing, shooting producing and ultimately, learning.

What positive moments and challenges have you experienced being an actor in New Mexico?

There are so many spectacular moments I’ve had in the industry here. Working with Academy Award-winning talent on some major projects, meeting an eclectic community of artists working on their own projects here in the state and seeing many of those artists grow to incredible levels. There is a glass ceiling, however, in terms of what out-of-state producers will cast from “local” hires. That challenge is getting smaller and smaller, but it’s still there.

What’s harder: Working a movie set or parenting?

Parenting. Movie sets for actors are easy. But, NOTHING on this planet is as rewarding or important as being a parent. I would trade EVERYTHING in the world in a heartbeat for my daughter.

What upcoming projects do we have to look forward to?

The Style show and mornings on 2 KASA will continue to grow and bring the stories of what makes New Mexico great to audiences around the state. Keep an eye out for new segments, new stories and discoveries of the hidden gems in the Land of Enchantment.

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