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August 2015 - Make 'Em Laugh - Margaret Rodgers

Winter Elise

A sense of humor is a requirement in Margaret Rodgers’ line of work. A comedian and child caregiver, Margaret has been saved more than once by her smart mouth and quick wit. Born and raised in New Mexico with a son of her own, she is making her way through the murky world of entertainment and medicine. Who would have thought that comedy and medicine go together? With hopes of being an RN someday soon Margaret recently completed a doula class caring for children the minute they arrive in this giant world.

Her roommates here at the Comedy Mansion pushed her into to doing comedy after years of saying she would try it. Drew Wayne, who hosts the Back Alley Draft House open mic, forcefully signed her up for an open mic. “He gave me two napkins - one for ideas and one for jokes.” That was the beginning of the end for Margaret. By her own admission, she doesn’t practices at the open mics like she should. She prefers after a long day with the children in her care to unwind at home and think up her acts. However, she preps it’s definitely working.

“There is a difference in how boys introduce boys at shows and how they introduce girls.” Margaret sees challenges in being a female comedian, but points out most of her friends are guys and the majority of the scene is well behaved. You have to be tough to make it in comedy - no matter what your sex is.

She’s hoping to someday run her own open mic and may even be in discussions with an undisclosed location about it. Podcasting is also on her radar. Any way you slice it, Margaret is quietly taking over the comedy scene here Albuquerque.

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