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August 2015 - Cover Story - Stephen "tWitch" Boss & Allison Holker

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Teresa Ewers

This summer heated up in more ways than one. Stephen “tWitch” Boss hit the big screen once again as the new member of the Magic Crew in Magic Mike XXL, co-starring Channing Tatum and Adam Rodriguez. tWitch has become a household name since appearing on Fox’s hit show, So You Think You Can Dance. The show lead to appearances in Hairspray, Stomp The Yard2, The Step Up series and caught him a talented and beautiful wife,SYTYCD alumni Allison Holker, now one of the pros on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. The two took a moment to sit down with me and talk about the moment they met, their love of dance, and their updating projects.

tWitch, I heard that your brother was stationed in New Mexico. Have you ever gotten to visit?

My brother was actually just stationed there for training and I never got to visit. Actually I’ve never spent time in New Mexico! Shouldn’t we change that?

Tell us about the moment that you met?

Allison: We met on the first All Star Season of So You Think You Can Dance (Season 7). We didn’t really converse much as the season went on but there was definitely an attraction.

tWitch: I have to admit that Allison made the first move. A move I didn’t recognize until much later when we look back and talk about the beginning. I’m kind of thick headed like that!”

The night of the wrap party is our “movie moment”. We saw each other from afar, made eye contact, shared a first dance and have been together ever since. No lie. That first dance was magical.

What was your first experience when it came to dance?

tWitch: My first dance experience was in front of my TV following either Michael Or Janet Jackson music videos. I had to be around 5 or 6. Yeh, I had the hat and the glove and everything. Haha

Allison: When I was 11 years old I had the opportunity to watch my sister dance in a company called RAW created by the magical MIA MICHAELS. It was the first time I had seen woman dancing so powerfully and so strong. They were confident, feminine and athletic And I wanted to be just like them. It was in that moment that I knew I didn’t want to just dance but it was going to be my life career to dance and inspire the generations to come like my sister did for me in that moment.

What does dance mean to you?

tWitch: Dance is a lane of expression that works perfectly for me. Don’t have to speak but can clearly relay how I feel while moving to music. That’s powerful. Dance is what music looks like.

Allison: Dance isn’t just something I do, it’s who I am. It has shaped me into the woman I believe to be. It is my tool, my voice and my way of expression. Dance is something that everyone can connect with, and it fills the soul with joy. I know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing every single day and I feel so blessed to have dance in my life.

® Photo provided by Parade

Allison, you have now been on two of the top rated dance shows. What has the experience been like and which one is more challenging?

Well I first feel grateful to be able to call dance my career as it’s what I love to do day in and day out. But not only do I have the ability to dance everyday but I get to share it with the world by dancing on both So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars. Being a part of these shows has giving me the ability to learn who I am, grow as a dancer and an artist, and inspire the next generation to come. Both shows come with their own challenges, you have to work hard every day with full commitment, you have to be ready to get feedback from not just judges but the rest of the world, and believe in yourself enough every day to stand tall and know you are doing your best. Putting yourself out there for the rest of the world to judge and have an opinion can be scary but if you’re willing to take on the challenge you can conquering a many of fears in your life and come out giving hope to those who one day want to be in your shoes. We all must remember we are students forever and the ones that embrace that are the ones that succeed.

What has been your most memorable experience/project in your career?

Allison: My most memorable moment was ending up in the finale of DWTS season 20. My partner Riker and myself had worked so hard, but also shared so many laughs to get there. I was proud of our journey and the friendship we know share.

tWitch: It’s hard to pick the most memorable because all of it is incredible. I do have two defining moments though. 1. Doing the Wade Robson project. It was the first time the world got to know tWitch. 2. Making Sytycd. It was a heavy crossroad for me because if I didn’t make it on to season 4 I would have enlisted in the navy. How different would life be right now? Wow!

You are dance’s new power couple. How do you feel about the title?

The title “power couple” is both inspiring and humbling. We feel as though we now have an obligation to the dance world to continue to make art, show the beauty within dance and offer more opportunities to those of the next generation. There is also an obligation to improve the dance world and dance business for the generations coming up. So, our decisions of what to take on(as far as business) and how to do it, is now reflected and can be used as example.

Dance is powerful and getting more respect every day, we just have to continue to show the world what it already loves so much.

The happy family. Photo by ® McKenzie Deakins, Makeup by Vivian Johnson.

How do you juggle your careers and being parents [of Weslie Renae]?

Balance is the key to life. Being parents and having careers can be tricky. But all we can do is try our best. We know where are our priorities lie and have committed to giving ourselves 100% wherever we are with whatever we are doing. Being present in the moment is all we can do, and that becomes a life choice. Yes, it can be tiring but it’s worth it.

What upcoming projects should we be looking out for?

Allison: Dancing With The Stars Season 21 starts in September!

tWitch: I have a part in an upcoming movie that I can’t talk about yet, but I’ll be acting and doing some choreography! Can’t wait to announce it! We both have costume lines coming up with our business partners Tenth House Costumes. We also are co-founders of CLI Studios- a digital platform that brings world renowned choreographers to your living room, dance studio, or wherever you are.

When it comes to the future, what do you want your legacy to be?

We live a life of faith in our dreams. So in turn, our legacy is built on following your dreams and making them reality. We are proof that what you imagine and passionately dream about can and will be a reality. With hard work, dedication and a vision we can do anything.

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