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July 2015 - The Art World - CHRISTINA MARTINEZ

Winter Elise (@WinterElise1)

Native New Mexican, Christina Martinez, embodies New Mexico art by being multi-talented and hands-on. Painting, jewelry-making, and handmade products are just of few of the talents this amazing woman has. From a very young age, Christina loved to draw and color, attempting oil painting for the first time at 10. It took her years to go back to oils, but she worked with charcoals and pastel instead. Growing up in Abiquiu, the home of Georgia O’Keefe and Ghost Ranch, art flowed through Christina’s veins. If location isn’t enough, Christina hails from a talented family, learning crochet from her grandmother and embroidering from her mother. Throughout her formative years and college, Christina took a many art workshops looking for her own niche. Jewelry-making screamed her name and she never looked back.

“I’ve dabbled in several jewelry techniques and processes, but I mainly stick to fabrication and accent with Mokume Gane and gold.” Mokune Gane is easily one of the most difficult and time-consuming techniques, but one of her favorites. Sterling silver is her favorite working metal, but when using Mokume Gane technique she mixes it with Cooper create beautiful designs. She is still pleasantly surprised by some of the designs she creates. “My inspiration has always come from everything around me. Growing up in Abiquiu, in Northern New Mexico, it’s difficult not to be inspired!”

If you have never experienced the beauty of Abiquiu, try checking out the studio tour this fall. Christina will be there with paintings and jewelry. Otherwise, take a drive up to Chama and check out some of her pieces at the Chama Trading post. Find out where Christina’s work will be at

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