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July 2015 - Between the Pages - WITCHY WOMAN

Winter Elise (@WinterElise1)

Witchy Woman sounds like a sexist, or at least sexy, Pagan murder mystery under a full moon. Not at all sexist, with just a touch of sexy steeped in murder, this is a mystery for anyone looking for some entertainment. We are back in Albuquerque with our down, but not quite out, private Dick Bubba Marby. He’s back on the case to prove to his long time girlfriend, and her soon to arrive parents, he's the guy she needs.

The story opens with him running out of quarters and on his way to counting nickels in his fleabag motel on Route 66. The phone rings and he is offered a job by a beautiful woman he can’t refuse. Let her insecure little hubby kick his butt for a fast 300 bucks to make him feel like a man. Easy as pie right? What could go wrong for the lovable detective? Nothing - Life gets better with a phone call from the "Goddess" the following day! She is the owner of the Albuquerque newspaper. She offers him a fat cash retainer to go to Taos and fetch her granddaughter from an all-women ranch. Vacation time? Not for Bubba, everything from rubber snakes to dead bodies fall at his feet in the small mountain town. The sheriff is convinced Bubba brought trouble to his quaint little town.

Written iwith a quick pace, and an even quicker wit, Witchy Woman was the perfect book for my 28-hour train. I empathized with the characters and laughed out loud while reading. The only problem, I finished the book long before I got to my destination and had to download another Steve Brewer and Bubba adventure at the next stop when I had a Wi-Fi signal. Start anywhere in the series you like, but you will end up going back and reading all of Bubba mishaps and murder-solving adventures before all is said and done.

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