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June 2015 - The Cut - The Santa Fe Capital Grill

Winter Elise

The Santa Fe Capital Grill is a modern eye-pleasing establishment. They have a simple menu with the honey habanero wings coming highly recommended from the waitress. Seated in high back booth, there is an element of privacy to the dining experience that most restaurants don’t offer. The open bar area has a flat screen showing sporting events with the sound turned down. The design dampens nearby conversation for a peaceful meal time. The wings arrive without appetizer plates, and there is no salt or pepper on the table. The wings flavor is sweet and spicy, as expected, but the blue cheese dressing is very thin - almost runny - with only a small chunk of blue cheese.

The main dish, a cheeseburger served on a butter roll and fires, also recommended. The burger came out cooked the way I ordered, it but even with the cheddar on top all I could taste was the butter roll. The fries were lightly seasoned and alternated between being soggy and crispy. The house-made ketchup had a strange consistency to it with bubbles, possibly a sign that it had gone bad or just a side effect of the homemade process. Overall, the Santa Fe Capital Grill was a cute place with character, but lacks solid food and a well-trained wait staff for the lunch crowd.

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