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June 2015 - Make 'Em Laugh - Devin Rivera

Photo courtesy of Gia Henley of Digital Design

Winter Elise

Raised in the wilds of Corrales, with comedy teetering on the inappropriate delivered with a smile, Devin Rivera went from a naked youth terrorizing the Bosque to hardened truck driver to stand-up comedian right here in Albuquerque.

With his formative years spent in the Village of Corrales, Devin was looking to try new things and expand his state of being. A trucker hat perched on his head, he began his adventures by heading north. Santa Fe became his home based from which he drove a truck all over northern New Mexico. A trucker’s salary doesn’t go too far in a town like Santa Fe, so his trip up north was short-lived, but he did find the best-kept secret in Abiquiú - it has the best ice cream in the state. It also taught him his talent for driving a manual truck, smoking, and eating ice cream all at the same time.

Once safely back in the familiar surrounding of Central New Mexico, Devin was again off to look for excitement. This time he found it on a stage. In high school, he had attended a performing arts high school where he had learned to enjoy the stage. This time, when he took the stage, it was for his first love comedy. Having always been the odd man out, being a Jew in a Catholic town it seems the only way for him to go. Recently celebrating his first year of stand-up, Devin is determined to keep going to the top.

In his latest sets, you can get a feel for the factory life that he is currently living. Same action, day in and day out, everyday manufacturing salsa, a major export for the Southwest, takes it toll even on the young. “I have a plan to kill myself,” says Rivera. “I would drive up to the Taos gorge to throw myself off. Mostly because the drive itself would cheer me up and then I probably wouldn’t jump.” All jokes aside, Devin credits the comedian family environment here in Albuquerque and the writing groups he attends with his success has a comic.

“I’ve been told, ‘Just tell Denver you’re from Albuquerque and they will hook you up.’” shared Rivera. But he’s not sure if it’s true or just his fellow comics pulling one over on him. Travel plans are in the future for Mr. Rivera so check him while you still can click here, to see where he will be popping up next.

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