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May 2015 - The Cut: The Shop

A early morning delivery lead me to discover a hideout among a Taco Bell and many small businesses. The Shop, a breakfast and lunch restaurant, proved to me to be a bold restaurant just by the location they chose. Located at 2933 Monte Vista Blvd NE, this location has found a merry-go-round of restaurants, from the beloved Chocolate Cafe, Carolina’s Mexican Food and Cecilia’s Cafe.

Their boldness doesn’t stop at the building, this restaurant has the menu and chefs to earn their culinary chops, presenting beautiful food that is tasty to boot. The morning I went in, I had the pleasure of being helped by one of the cooks themselves, excited that he got my order correct on the register, as this is not his normal position. I made the decision to order the Huevos Rancheros ($9.00) and I was truly not disappointed. Made with blue corn tortillas, potatoes and black beans, The Shop’s Huevos are enhanced with their choice to use tomatillos, queso fresco, and a very tasty red chile.

That cook and the dish lead me to make a second trip a week later, but I was saddened by the lukewater reception from the regular counter person - being greeted by her stepping away from the counter to tend to other tasks, never giving me a “I’ll be right with you”. Once she finally did get to the counter to take my order, there was no eye contact, let alone a smile, which left my anticipation of the meal to be the highlight of my visit. Once again, the food did not disappoint.

Besides the Huevos Rancheros, some other standouts on the menu are their Chicken & Waffles ($10.00), Duck Hash ($10.00) and the Chilaquiles ($15.00). I will be stopping back in to experience the rest of their delicious delights, but next time, I hope they add a bright and shining welcome when I walk through the door.

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