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May 2015 - Laugh 'Em Laugh: Jason Green

Winter Elise

Jason Green, comedy genius or candidate for institutional living arrangements?

Genetically predisposed to be a genius, Jason bounced around to 21 different schools in multiple states growing up and managed to graduate two years early. Comedy became a survival technique during his constant moving. Even being brilliant didn’t motivate Jason to go to college until years later where, by his own admission, he got a degree in Creative Writing. He’ll proclaim to anyone who listens that college, no matter what you take, is a waste of time, designed to make you feel inferior. “ They are now teaching the kids at college that everything they taught us was wrong,” says Green.

A pessimist, rebel, and a homeless looking individual that sometimes cleans up, it’s hard to nail down Mr. Green and to know when he is joking or serious. He goes off the belief that everyone hates themselves and forces themselves to suffer. He has been known to compare sitting through some open mic nighters to his high school girlfriend having a miscarriage...ouch. Open Mics are essential, but not everyone who goes out for comedy is cut out for it, including himself. “I made a grave mistake,” shared Green. He speaks of the fact his wife laughs at all of his jokes. His theory for beating homelessness - stand up and tells jokes for five minutes a day and now a woman takes care of him. Five minutes that’s all. Talk to people for five minutes. Other than the time he spenda on stage being happy, he claims there’s no upside to comedy. In order to have feelings of self-worth, you have to get on stage for five or ten minutes and make them laugh.

A frequent contributor, Mr. Green recommends The Chomps the Cat Food Cal in Show, a podcast on iTunes. “It’s a great example of Improv comedy,” Green states. “I myself, Will Bolt and Sarah Kennedy are frequently on the show.” The podcast, hosted by a fat cat that is sensitive about its weight, runs for about an hour every Thursday night. Check it out, along with the many open mic nights popping up around town. The best open mic to perform at in Albuquerque? Back Alley Draft House on Monday nights. It starts around 7:00pm and they offer beer and pizza with a brick wall behind the stand-ups. Make sure you get there on time or you’ll get the dreaded first or last time slot for the night.

Catch Jason Green while you can around Albuquerque. Mr. Green got himself a set of wheels, 1989 Chrysler mini-van and he is ready to raise some hell and keep in laughing across the country starting this summer.

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