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May 2015 - Follow-up: The Great New Mexico Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival

Winter Elise

The first Great New Mexico Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival happened at The Balloon Museum this April. There were some amazing food trucks at the event serving their hearts out to a crowd large than anyone expected. The lines were long and there was little shade to be found anywhere on the grounds. The out-of-state promoters didn’t realize how warm and sunny New Mexico is in April.

Trying different food trucks all the food was wonderful and what others had looked delicious too. In the end, the festival turned away almost 2000 people, with the trucks running out of food towards the end of the day. That’s good eats if you can sell out with a 30 minute wait to even get into the park.

Unfortunately, billing this event as a Craft Beer Festival was borderline false advertising. The beer that was offered, that was mostly Sam Adams, had controlled of all the fluid served at the event. Epic fail on the promoters and sponsors part, New Mexico is proud of their craft brewing. The disappointment in the beer selection tore through the crowd like a tidal wave. Overall, the food was worth it, but next year we hope the Promoters learn from their mistakes and keep it local

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