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May 2015 - Extras: Santa Fe Farmers Market

Winter Elise

Santa Fe’s Farmers Market runs this year in the Santa Fe Railyards. During this time of year you can purchase farm fresh Squash, greens, and other cool weather veggies. But, what I bet you didn’t know is that this time of year the Market offers organic seeds that have been harvested in New Mexico.

It’s a smaller market with a more intimate setting. I was able to get personal advice from many of the vendors and helpful hints on how to sustainable, organically grow food in this climate. Zulu’s Petals Organic Farm in Dixon was where I purchased my seeds from and received written notes, reading suggestions and contact information if I had any trouble. It was a great experience for an amateur gardener such as myself. I learned more in a ten minute chat than I learned all last year gardening.

If you are looking for fresh or dried whole herbs, this market is also for you. It offers a large variety of herbs for anyone interest in making salves, soaps, or anything else. This market also offered quite a few different kinds of meats to get you through the cold months.

Across the tracks is an indoor artist market and across the street Site Santa Fe is free during the market hours. It’s work the quick train-ride to Santa Fe. You can swing by REI for some winter hats and gloves and Second Street Brewery for lunch. It opens right as the Market is winding down.

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