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March 2015 - The Art World: POP Gallery

By Winter Elise

An art gallery in Santa Fe is nothing new. Even modern or contemporary art gallery in Santa Fe isn’t new. But, how about a Pop art gallery, now that is different in the art mecca in northern New Mexico. Apply named POP Gallery 125 Lincoln Ave Suite 111 in Santa Fe, as a flare all its own.

Featuring established and new pop artist from all over the world, POP in an experience all its own. Walking into the spacious gallery you’re instantly transport to the 1950s when pop art first appeared on the scene. Pop art is “ Characterized by themes and techniques drawn form popular mass culture, such as advertising and comic books…”. People such as Andy Warhol became household names over the decades with their interpretations of modern pop art. There is something for everyone to love at POP Gallery.

Opening March of 2015 “Oh, the places you’ll go!” a Dr. Seuss Tribute, celebrating Ted Geisel’s 111th birthday, will be opening at POP Gallery. The gallery put out an open call to the artist community at large for modern and inventive takes on Dr. Seuss and what Tim Geisel’s creation meant to the world. The response from the artist has been overwhelmingly positive. If you have kids and are in the Santa Fe area in March stop by. If you don’t have kids come relive your childhood.

If you’re in the area before March stop by POP Gallery for the amazing artist it regularly has on display. They don’t have just painting. They carry sculpture pieces, jewelry, and other beautiful pieces and not so beautiful ones. In the animation section you can find autograph works from Peanuts to the Simpsons.

Darkly haunting photos and painting to cheerful large eyes little fairies gracing their walls. Be inspired as you walk through wonderlands created from some of the most gifted imaginations of yesterday and today.

POP Gallery is a wonderful reason to stroll about half a block from the plaza in Santa Fe to see new and invented ideas. You an also check them out on line at for more information.

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