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March 2015 - Cover Story: The legend Mary Wilson

Teresa Ewers

The name Mary Wilson is synonymous with a legend. A founding member of The Supremes, Wilson has created a long line of hits in her repertoire. Stormy Weather, the “living, breathing, biography” of Lena Horne, combines story, song and images to give us a defining portrait of the groundbreaking entertainer. A thrilling performer and a valiant crusader for justice, Lena Horne’s life and music still serve as standards for passion and commitment.

Wilson is excited to be taking on the legendary artist. Lena Horne was someone Wilson looked up to as a child. “I grew up admiring Ms. Horne, so when I saw that Mr. James Gavin had written a book about her, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I ran into Mr. Gavin and he asked me if I would be interested in bringing his book to life.”

The show features Mary Wilson on lead performing, with a jazz trio, Lena’s music while biographer James Gavin brings us rare audio and video footage from the courageous, controversial singer’s life. “The Lena Horne project is a multi media event. It has many film clips of Ms. Horne speaking, as well as singing. The Civil Rights movement is well documented throughout the performance. Ms Wilson enters throughout the show just as mystically as Ms. Horne did in the movies.”

Check out this amazing show at Popejoy Hall on March 14 at 8:00pm. To learn more visit

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