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February 2015 - The Art World: Peepshow at Strange Factory

Winter Elise

Peepshow. The word alone conjures images of dark seedy establishments where people slip coins into a machine for a short glimpse of a beautiful naked woman. In some cases, it may remind you of the pin-ups of yesteryear, smiling in the kitchen with high heels on. Peepshow - Stranger Factory style will be showcasing the female form in an empowering way, turning your preconceived notion upside down. Curated by Brandt Peters, a select group of artists will be displaying their take on empowered, beautiful, and sometimes dangerous works of the female form.

Stranger Factory in Nob Hill features in their words “post modern, pop surrealism and ‘lowbrow’ art community to Albuquerque”. They are continually pushing the norms of the art community, with shows dedicated to areas of art usually ignore in the galleries of New Mexico. With a new show every month, and artist from around the globe there is always something to see at Stranger Factory.

More than just showing off the artists they work with, Stranger Factory brings workshops by these artists to their location in Nob Hill. By the middle of this year They hope to have their workshops back up and running featuring tutorials by the artists on display. Having personally attended a number of these workshops last year, I have to say I can’t wait for them to make a comeback. One of the main concerns facing Stranger Factory is space. With so many talent artists showing paintings, sculpture, and toys, they are looking to increase their square footage.

When asked why they chose to open an art gallery here in Albuquerque rather than the art mecca of Santa Fe, they felt the homegrown gallery they had in mind simply belong here in ABQ. “When we were looking, Santa Fe had an unsustained feel to it, while Albuquerque felt as if it was growing and changing.”

Brandt Peters and Kathy Olivas did the research on both towns before moving out here from Los Angeles. Talking to people in Santa Fe, they found a culture designed for an older crowd of art collectors who thought of art has an investment. Santa Fe had no plan to bring in younger customers or artists and the gallery scene was politically motivate and stagnant. Albuquerque was newer on the art scene, with a more cooperative mentality that catered to the younger generations.

Come out every month to see the newest in a steady stream of thought provoking, eye candy that Stranger factory has to offer. See, feel, learn what great art can do for your soul.

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