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January 2015 - Now Showing: One Little Pill

Written by Teresa Ewers

Albuquerque will be graced with the presence of Babylon 5’s military higher-up, Susan Ivanova, played by the talented Claudia Christian. Christian has moved on to many different projects, working on such shows as Grimm, Castle and The Mentalist and featured films, two currently in production and three in development. Christian will be screening her latest film, One Little Pill, at The Albuquerque Film Fest, Albuquerque Comic Con movie fest during the convention. She is the Producer and narrator of the film. One Little Pill takes an in depth look at alcoholism and the drug that can change it all - the treatment for alcoholism they don't want you to know about.

Worldwide, alcoholism kills more people than HIV, nearly 2.5 million per year. Yet what the public believes, and Alcoholics Anonymous purports, "Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic," may not be as true as you think. One Little Pill takes a look at a simple, safe method, the suppressing obstacles surrounding it, and those people just now finding it. Five years after it saved her life, Christian was featured on Larry King Live talking about The Sinclair Method. Named after the doctor who spent 40 years studying alcoholism, one must simply take naltrexone one hour before drinking and it will eventually extinguish the learned behavior of alcoholism. Claudia’s passion is to share this method and save lives. “The film is a documentary following the lives of some of the people I have put on The Sinclair method,” shared Christian. “A treatment for alcohol use disorder. It’s important to me because 3.3 million people die annually from AUD and 78% of those deaths are preventable with TSM.”

Christian hopes that audiences leave the theater really thinking what this film can do to make a change in the topic and treatment of alcoholism. She and the characters in this documentary are risking themselves, in the hope that the addiction community will wake up, include modern techniques, and save millions of lives. “I hope to educate people about TSM and give hope to those in need,” shares Christian. Visit for screening information and visit to learn more about this amazing documentary.

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