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January 2015 - Make 'Em Laugh: Alex Reymundo

Article provided by The Stage at Santa Ana Star

With two one-hour specials that aired on Showtime, Comedy Central & Netflix: (Red-Nexican & Award-winning Hick-Spanic) Alex Reymundo appeals to all demographics. Three words describe him best - Funny as hell.

Reymundo’s exposure to live standup began in Arlington, TX in 1988. Reymundo proudly boasts about serving Ron White Tequila & a Budweiser right before he hit the stage on Tatersalad’s amateur comedy debut. The two Texas comics emerged & traveled the nation together for the first few years of their early careers.

Five years of road gigging throughout the mid-west led him to Los Angeles where he discovered an exploding Latino comedy scene. It wasn’t long before Alex was touring with Paul Rodriguez. The timing was right & before too long Alex emerged as One of Paramount Picture’s “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy” alongside Paul Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, George Lopez & Joey Medina. Reymundo went on to be a highlight of P. Diddy’s “Bad Boys of Comedy” first season.

Over the next few years he produced & premiered his two one hour comedy specials Hick-Spanic & Red-Nexican. As of recent, Reymundo can be seen across the nation touring with O’l friend & Blue Collar’s Bad Boy Ron White & just was seen by 6 million viewers on CMT (2011) with Ron White’s Salute to the Troops(w/ Lewis Black & Kathleen Madigan). Alex played as Producer & Host on “The Payaso Comedy Slam” (Showtime & Comedy Central) &“The Latin Divas of Comedy” (Showtime).

The twenty year standup has widened his skills in 3 films, “Permanent Vacation,” “The Movement,” & “El Matador;” he has done voice over work for many companies as well as Disney’s animated “Cars” project and has 20 years of touring under his belt. Alex has performed on the deck of the USS Roosevelt at sea and soared with legendary Blue Angels. Reymundo was born in Acapulco Mexico, raised in Ft. Worth, Texas, and now resides in the Blue Grass state of Kentucky.

Reymundo has always had passion for Tequila (cause he’s Mexican) and has recently used his producer skills to launch his own Premium Tequila label, 5-time Award Winning Premium Tequila, Number JUAN. Alex’s partner in Tequila is, of course, old pal Tatersalad Ron White, himself. If you ask either one about their spiritual endeavor, they will say with a shit-eating grin “together we will rule the world”!

Check out Reymundo’s latest show in Albuquerque on January 29th at The Stage at Santa Ana Star. Tickets are on sale now at

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