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October 2014 - Extras - Santa Fe Comic Con

New Mexico Tri Con features Horror, Sci-Fi and Comic Books all rolled into the best for Santa Fe Comic Con. Following the 7th successful show of Albuquerque Comic Con, Santa Fe Comic Con will bring the same quality and fun to the Santa Fe Community. This unique event will focus on three different areas:


In the Halloween spirit, Santa Fe Comic Con (SFCC) will present stars from film and film festival themed movies, bringing the most fun New Mexico has ever seen. Vampires, Machete wielding psychopaths, Zombies, and Possessed children are the horror characters we will see at SFCC. Our comic book guests will be known for work in the horror genre and our A-list local talent will have exclusive prints appropriate for the season.

Sci Fi:

SCFF will see guests from the greatest SciFi films and TV shows. Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and more. Science Fiction is a staple for the industry and comic conventions, and SFCC will be no exception.

Comic Books: Comic books are always the focus of a good comic con, which is why SFCC is bring some of those that are famous for bringing the horror and hero genres to life. From zombies to vampires, to possessed monsters of mad scientists, you will see comic book legends who have inspired our childhoods and the lives of our favorite film makers.

Santa Fe Comic Con was created by Actor and Producer, Jim Burleson, who is known in the comic convention arena. He also created The Albuquerque Comic Con, which will be celebrating their 5th year as one of the premier conventions in the state of New Mexico. For more information on the Santa Fe Comic Con or to purchase tickets, visit

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