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October 2014 - Between The Pages - Storyteller's Anthology

SouthWest Writers presents: The Storyteller’s Anthology. This hefty 300 plus page volume is a collection of writing from the largest writing group in New Mexico. The idea behind the book was born after water damage at the SouthWest Writer’s headquarters. On a donation basis the writing group with over 400 members asked people to donate short stories, poetry, essays, and book excerpts. They received hundreds of entries. Peggy Herrington Editor with the help of Patricia Woods, Jacqueline M Loring, and Jonathan Miller culled through the entries to bring you this crossing section of writing from New Mexican writers.

A Tribe of Writers, the introduction by Anne Hillerman speaks to what and who writers are in relationship to one another and themselves. Followed up with brief articles on what SouthWest is and a look at their history. The rest of the pages are dedicated to impeccable story telling, lyrical poetry, and touching memoirs. The pieces in the book range from a kitty cat’s point of view of finding a new home to the last days of a beloved father’s life. There is even a surreal spooky story about a drive up I25.

You can go to and order yourself a copy of this book and donate money to a great cause while finding some talent writers.

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