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October 2014 - Make 'Em Laugh - Doug Stanhope

Since 1990, Doug Stanhope has committed his life to the art of stand-up comedy. With subject matter ranging from his thoughts about abortion being Green; over-population needs to be handled - and he has some colorful ideas to help you down that path, or starting a charity fundraiser Atheists Unite on Indegogo, to help an atheist who lost her home in the bible belt move elsewhere, or even to the death of his own beloved mother. Stanhope is an equal opportunity “drag your dirty little secrets in to the light of day” kind of guy. So, if you're easily offended, stay home, or better yet, bring the protest, I’m sure he would have a few choice words for you and your following.

Stanhope, a self-proclaimed lazy man, moved from Los Angeles to the middle of nowhere Arizona for a peaceful life. Touring most of the year doesn’t leave Stanhope much time for anything else, but even he couldn’t resist when he received a phone call from Johnny Depp to work on a project. “It’s a secret, but not that secret of project.”

Coming back to the Duke City to play Launchpad on October 9th for the second year in a row is good news to the veteran comic. For a long time, it was rare to play a venue and be allowed back. Shanhope said of Laff's, the (now defunct) comedy club in Albuquerque, “When they were open they wouldn’t touch me with a stick, so it’s great to be invited back.”

Like most comics, Stanhope started at an Open Mic Night with the hope of getting the ladies. “I couldn’t sing, I wasn’t good looking, but I could make ‘em laugh” He never had aspirations of turning comedy into a career, but some callings are too strong to ignore.

Whether he is offending your morality, insulting your favorite passtime, or attacking your corporate overlords, Stanhope is nothing but honest when it comes to airing his grievances with the world and is not to be missed.

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