September 2018 - Cover Story: Boy George & Culture Club

“Do you think we’ll have a great audience?” I was surprised to be asked that question by Boy George, the flamboyant, soulful, lead singer of the legendary band Culture Club. I mean, it’s Culture Club! The moment we discovered that they would be stepping foot on the Sandia Amphitheater stage on September 27th, the community lost their minds. For many, Culture Club was a musical staple in the 80’s. With hits like Time, Karma Chameleon and Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, it was not surprising to see the responses we were getting about people assuring us that they would be there to see him and the rest of the band live. The idea of performing together again wasn’t extremely new for the band. “We

September 2018 - Let Us Entertain You: Separate Tables

Photo by Russell Maynor As the year of 2018 is fast approaching, West End Productions has chosen their final presentation of the season. Terence Rattigan’s Separate Tables was first produced in London in 1954. A series of two one-acts, *set eighteen months apart in the lounge and dining room of a small hotel on the south coast of England, are “deftly woven together into an intelligent, handsome” comedy/drama. The play examines social attitudes towards lifestyles and behavior deemed morally reprehensible in 1950s Britain. Director, James Cady, remembers the first time he saw the production. “[I was first introduced to the work in] 1964 at the Pasadena Playhouse where I was a student – I was n

September 2018 - Turn it Up: Swingin' Utters

If the name alone doesn’t grab you, nothing will. Swingin’ Utters oozes uniqueness, but it doesn’t end at their name. Their music speaks for itself - offering the traditional punk feel while providing a fresh roll and rock, sometimes a ska feeling. Many got to catch their set at The Launchpad on August 30th, but we wanted to learn more about the band beyond their one night gig. It's easy to say you're punk. How would you describe your music? Our music is showcase of all the different music we listen to. Punk is what everyone wants to call it, so who are we to argue? Would you say Peace And Love is a true labor of love? I would say that. We just want to create a record that’s different from t

September 2018 - Make 'Em Laugh: The Comedy Vault

Comedy has a new home in Albuquerque. After the loss of Laff’s almost ten years ago, the comedy community has become gypsies, moving from venue to venue to give the city a good laugh. The migration comes to a halt today. Kimothy Spark, the triple threat (Owner/Operator; Promoter) will open an all-new venue, The Comedy Vault, on 4th Street and Central in Downtown Albuquerque. The club is scheduled to open in November of this year. Sparks is excited about what this venue will provide to the community. “The Comedy Vault will provide weekly entertainment featuring national "big name" headliners weekly,” shared Sparks. “All headliners will have been featured on late night entertainment, televised

September 2018 - Behind the Scenes: NMWIF: The Power of Story

New Mexico Women in Film (NMWIF) is pleased to announce their latest event in partnership with UNM Continuing Education: The Power of Story Series. The first event in the series, Part 1: How Stories Connect Us, will be held on Sunday, September 30th at 3-6pm in the UNMCE theatre and lobby (1634 University Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM). The Power of Story event features a short film showcase, spoken word, fun activities, and storytellers galore. Storytellers featured in the event include Ramona King, Ebony Booth, Kim Delfina Gleason, Mary Oishi and Rose Ann Samudio. NMWIF Vice President and organizing producer of the event Anne Stirling said, “The Power of Story is an exciting series where we wan

September 2018 - Between the Pages: Albuquerque: A City of Towers

This is book review of New Mexico books written by members of the New Mexico Book Co-op. New Mexico books are worth taking a look at in stores, libraries, or online. For people who have just come to Albuquerque or old times like me, you will learn about Albuquerque’ history and architecture. Each “tower” has a full page write up on the history of the site. The “towers” are drawings by Michael Perlin and he also researched the history of each place. The “towers” include: Bell Trading Post, Bart Prince Residence, Immaculate Conception Church, Monte Vista Fire Station, Scholes Hall at UNM, The Compass Building, San Felipe Neri Church, The Sunshine Building, and many more. Some of the buildings

September 2018 - Follow-Up: SOMOS ABQ

It was another world in Downtown Albuquerque as SOMOS ABQ made their second annual appearance on August 25th. The bustling area was transformed into an artist wonderland, showcasing the best Albuquerque has to offer. Local businesses, organizations, musicians, artists and more gathered together to show the town the beauty within this state. We arrived at the event around 3:30 pm and was treated to a welcome spread before we took to the streets to explore. After walking through the white tent, we witnessed a wonderful display of creative art including streamers created with plastic bags, a giant handmade Lite-Brite, a television with flowers blooming, and street drains decorated with color. T

September 2018 - The Art World: Elizabeth Leggett

During our journey to the 50th anniversary of Bubonicon, we saw many wonders, but one particular artist stopped us in our tracks. Elizabeth Leggett’s work is stunning. A Hugo award-winning illustrator, Leggett give a realistic feel in a digital format. We took a moment to talk about her process. You work with aluminum. How did you come across working with that medium? It’s called dye sublimation. It’s a fascinating media. It shows what I print. Unlike - paper, it softens everything. The aluminum makes it crisp. You can see the detailed work. You steam the color onto the metal and it’s beautiful. How long does the process take? It depends on the piece. How often do you participate in Bubonico

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